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News guides 05 December 2023, 11:09

author: Damian Gacek

Last Train Home Guide - Tips for Beginners

In this guide we will present you some tips for Last Train Home. Read our text to learn more about the game.

Source: Last Train Home, developer: Ashborne Games

If you're interested in playing a survival strategy game, there's a fresh addition to the market known as Last Train Home. This game unfolds in the aftermath of World War I, where your objective is to lead a team of soldiers through the war-torn landscape of Russia. Your responsibilities encompass both real-time strategy (RTS) missions and resource management. If you want to start your journey, we have prepared a guide. Learn some useful tips.

Last Train Home Guide – Tips for Beginners

Resources and Consumables

Last Train Home is a survival strategy game. It means that fighting is only one side of the coin, you have to remember about resource management, too. You will gather useful materials thanks to scout events, barter and tactical missions.

The last option is especially important, as you may miss some loot if you are not cautious enough. Various resources are hidden in places not connected to the main task. It is a good idea to search vicinity thoroughly before you complete your missions, as finishing them may sometimes block this possibility.

What is more, you should kill hostile officers if it is possible. They will leave valuable consumables after death.


It is important to make your train warm. It will protect you from some negative traits, which soldiers can gain. What is more, it is useful to use stoves (but remember that they need fuel to heat).

Train upgrades

The above is connected with train upgrades. First of all, you should complete as many of them in the Chapter 2 (after Moscow and before Penza). It will be more difficult later.

At Penza you will be also able to pick one of the special cars, pick Workshop, as it will allow you to progress smoothly in the future.


Your soldiers are described by traits. Of course, they can be positive and not so much. However, they can be very useful not only in combat but outside of it, too. If you pick people with proper traits for shopping or food-gathering events, you will get better outcomes.


You should remember that experience is shared. It means that smaller squads will level up faster; however, they may have more problems with some missions. You have to think thoroughly what kind of gameplay suits you the most.


You should have at least 2 squads (if you can) and keep them small. One should specialize in surviving in the wild, the second one should be able to successfully loot abandoned houses. In the case of combat missions, you should just add some soldiers to one of them or merge them together.

If you want to find a proper composition to your combat squad, we recommend balancing it, as all soldiers have different roles and useful abilities. The root of your army should be Scout (with its ability to disperse fog of war), Machine Gunner (as it can “resolve” problems if something goes wrong with stealth), and Grenadier (for the same reason as Machine Gunner). Of course, Medics (for obvious reasons) and Riflemen (for the ability to charge) are also important.


While it is possible to complete missions with a big shootout, it is not the best course of actions. Doing so, you will lose valuable resources and get your soldiers wounded. It is better to approach quests stealthily and eliminate opponents one by one.


Don’t trust them. While covers are extremely important to hide your presence, they sometimes don’t work. Even if the obstacle seems to be quite impenetrable, enemies can sometimes see you through them. In many cases, it seems quite arbitrary. To overcome this, you should always check sight range of opponents and use Recon skill of your Scouts.

North or south (Penza)

We have prepared a separate article which describes this topic. Short answer is: you will get more resources and people in the north, at the same time you will fight more in the south and get a free car.

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